Wearing contact lenses have benefits. There are millions of people opting for contact lenses. These include the ones who do not have vision issues but were them for appearance purpose.  It is important for all of them to be aware of the risk of getting an eye infection from wearing the contact lenses and how to avoid them.

Causes of infection due to Contact Lens

Contact lenses wearing must include some caution. Below are the causes that lead to eye infection in those wearing contact lenses:

  • Not cleaning the contact lenses properly
  • Using contact lenses for extended period of time
  • Sleeping with contact lenses
  • Reusing the contact lenses cleaning solution for more than once
  • Sharing the contact lenses with someone else

Not replacing the contact lenses in due time

Symptoms of infection caused due to contact lenses

Eye irritation

The common symptoms of contact lens–related eye infections include:

  • Inflammation in the eye
  • Redness in the eyes
  • Itching or irritation
  • Blurry vision
  • Pain in the eye
  • Excessive light sensitivity
  • Tearing or discharge from the eye

How to avoid eye infections arising due to contact lenses?

  • Clean and rinse
Lens Cleaning

Cleaning the lenses after use is crucial. It removes the built-up in the lenses. There are specific ways to clean lenses like there are for eye glasses. One must consult and learn to clean the lenses properly with the help of a good eye specialist. After cleaning the lenses must be rinsed thoroughly before wearing. The case where the contact lenses are kept must also be kept clean all the time.

  • Clean the hands
Washing hands

Cleaning just the contact lenses is not enough. It is also necessary to clean one’s hand including nails and fingers before wearing the lenses as well as before taking the contact lenses off. One must be extra careful with longer nails

  • Consider the surroundings

 Avoid wearing or taking off contact lenses in an inappropriate surroundings. These include surroundings that are too windy, foggy or dusty. Also one must take precaution while wearing the contact lenses with makeup. It is recommended to put the contact lenses after applying the makeup.

  • Do not sleep with the contact lenses

Contact lenses must be removed before going to bed. The eyes must be kept free which is important for resting them. Wearing them could stress the eyes and cause infection.

  • Cleaning solution

One must use only the contact lenses cleaning solution to clean the contact lenses. Using water or any other cleaning solution not only can damage the lenses but could also cause serious eye issues.

  • Never share
Don't Share

One must never share their contact lenses with anyone. Even after thoroughly cleaning the lenses, there remains a risk of infection when the lenses are shared.

  • Replacement

The contact lenses must be replaced after the due time. Contact lenses have a specific time period for wearing them such as one month or a year. If one wears them after the due period, they might get an eye infection.

  • Consult Regularly
Eye checking

People who wear contact lenses even without an eye prescription must visit the ophthalmologist regularly. This ensures that the eyes are healthy and free from infection.

The most common infection people get due to wearing contact lenses is Keratitis.  The infection infects the cornea of the eyes in turn affecting the vision. An ignored eye infection condition could turn serious too. A regular visit to an ophthalmologist should be a must for contact lenses wearers. This could save them from risk of eye issues arising from wearing contact lenses.