Tips To Avoid Eye Strain While Working on Computer

Tips To Avoid Eye Strain While Working on Computer

There are hardly any jobs now which do not involve working on computers. Most of the people are using laptops, computer screens or other digital mediums for their work. With increased time on screen, eyes are exposed to eye problems. The most common of them are Computer vision Syndrome  and dry eyes .

This however can be prevented by following eye care tips. Here are few simple tips to take care of your eyes and avoid eye strain. These tips include:

  • Blinking More

By constantly keeping the eyes open, the surface of the eye gets dry. This causes irritation in the eyes. Blinking eyes often helps in keeping the eye surface hydrated.

  • Rest the Eyes

It is important to take breaks and avoiding sitting for prolonged period in front of the screen. Focusing the eyes continuously on limited area increases the strain on the eye nerves.


Eye Exercises

Regular eye exercises keep healthy. Simple exercises such as rolling or various focusing exercising could be done to help reduce the eye strain. 

Screen Glare

Excess screen glare could be harmful for eyes. While working on digital screens one should reduce the screen glare by adjusting the settings as per the comfort.

Monitor Surface

Make sure that the monitor screen is clean when you are working on it. A dirty screen could irritate the eyes and could put more strain on the eyes for focus. However a clean monitor screen will make reading and viewing easier by not straining the eyes.

  • Screen & Font Size

Too small screen or shorter fonts would make the eye strain more to focus on the little screen or letters. Make sure to use a right size monitor screen while working. Also adjust the font size properly to make it easily readable.

  • Use Antiglare Eye Wear

Computers may need different glare setting in different surroundings as the lightings in that environment may differ. Moreover people often work on different screens at different places. Using anti-glareeye wear is the best option to avoid the strain caused in these situations.

  • Maintain Proper Distance

Adjusting the sitting to the right angle to the computer screen is also important. The screen at the correct angle and distance reduces the impact on the eyes.

  • Right Lighting

The surrounding has an important effect on the eyes when working on the computer. Lower level of brightness causes too much strain on the eyes. The computer screen should not be brighter than the surroundings.

  • Visit Ophthalmologist for Regular Checkups

When working regularly on computers, one should go for regular eye checkups. This helps you find issues earlier. You might be in need of a glass prescription or a simple lubricant medication that will help you reduce the eye strain.



    • Follow 20-20-20 Rule

    Practice the 20-20-20 rule when working long hours on the computer. That is, to look away from the screen every 20 minutes at an object 20 feet away for a period of 20 seconds.

For people working extensively on screen, eye health should be a priority. To avoid eye issues later in life one should care for your eyes from the start and not wait for some symptoms to occur.