There are many people who prefer to wear eye glasses for an eye prescription for various reasons.

Your eye glasses might do more to you than just correcting the eye vision. We see that many people wear glasses when they do not have ant prescriptions.  The reasons are many and could be even making a fashion statement. Thus, choosing a right frame for you may be influenced by many factors.

The common symptoms that are associated with Presbyopic condition include:

Let us see what the most common are:

  • Face shape

There are so many verities of eye frames and there are many options for every face shape. These help to balance the look such as for some face types, certain frames can accentuate or even slim certain features. When you go out to select frames, ask sure to try out many and see what suits you best.

  • Lifestyle and comfort

Some professions might request for a specific type of frames. For example, for going to beach party, one may choose some fashionable frames, but when you go back to your corporate workplace, more professional frames are needed. This also could be driven by how comfortable you feel wearing those frames.

Face shape
  • Fashion and Personality

Fashion has always been playing an important role in what one wears. Eye frames get this influence too. Also, some frames make you feel confident and sharp thus adding to your personality  

  • Colors and Patterns

Frames in various colors, accessorized and with patterns are available to choose from. People can choose colors matching their clothes, patterns to match the surrounding textures. Some might to choose colors of the frames based on their skin tones to see what suits them most.

Apart from these choices, people might consider the material of the frames. For example, sports person and children might want to choose unbreakable frames. Such frames can be twisted or thrown but cannot be broken easily.

Individuals now choose more than one frames to wear on various occasions based on these factors.