Why choose presbiopic glasses

Being Presbyopic means the inability of the eye to focus sharply on nearby objects. This is caused due to the loss of elasticity of the natural eye lens typically due to progressing age. Typically, the condition is diagnosed in individuals aged 40 years and above.

There are five types of Presbyopic:

  • Premature presbyopia which is a condition which occurs before the age of 40
  • Incipient presbyopia is an earlier stage of presbyopia
  • Functional presbyopia is when there are more problems with near sight than the earlier stage
  • Absolute presbyopia is when the eyes cannot focus on near objects at all
  • Nocturnal presbyopia condition is when eyes are unable to focus on near objects in low light conditions

The common symptoms that are associated with Presbyopic condition include:

  • Blurred vision when reading at a normal distance
  • Difficulty focusing on objects that are nearer
  • Difficulty reading small prints
  • Difficulty reading in low light conditions
Difficulty in reading small prints
Difficulty in reading

Presbyopic Glasses as Treatment

Presbyopic glasses are the simplest way to correct vision problems caused by presbyopia. A prescription is generally provided by the eye specialist which is the safest way to select the glasses. The Presbyopic glasses come as the following types:

  • Simple prescription reading glasses when individuals have no other vision problems.
  • Bifocals are the glasses that have a visible horizontal line that separates the distance prescription with the reading prescription.
  • Progressive multifocal lenses which do not have visible lines but has multiple powers for distance, middle distance and close-up corrections.
  • Office progressive lenses which are generally used for computer or for reading.
Correcting Presbyopia

Why Use Presbyopic Glasses

Using Presbyopic Glasses has many advantages. Not only this is the simplest solution it is also a safest method to correct the natural vision issue.

The biggest advantage comes from the ability to have multifocal lenses. These lenses allow the individual to address multiple vision problems by having a single glass only. With advancements, there is now an option to have progressive multifocal lenses which do not have the visible divisions in the glass but allow correcting multiple vision issues.

It is important that individuals do not try buying over the counter Presbyopic Glasses as only an eye care professional can accurately detect, diagnose and prescribe the correct Presbyopic Glasses. A routine comprehensive eye care exams are important to maintain a healthy vision and healthy sight.

Why Use Presbyopic Glasses