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Cataract surgery is a very common procedure now and is one of the leading causes of blindness in India. Set up an appointment with Dr. Ruchika today at Arora Eye Care Center for your cataract surgery in Thane.

What is a cataract Surgery or cataract surgery in Thane?

Cataract surgery or cataract surgery in Thane is a type of eye surgery to eliminate a cataract (cloudy lens). Similar to a camera, your eye contains a lens for focusing light. This lens is typically clear. When this lens turns cloudy, it is called a cataract. Cataract surgery , Cataract Surgeons  removes the cloudy lens and replaces it with a clear replacement lens, restoring your sight.

Cataract surgery is mostly an outpatient procedure that is typically performed by an eye specialist in thane . It’s extremely popular and generally considered a very safe procedure.

Causes of Cataract

A cataract is mostly brought on by aging. In addition, a number of variables, such as the following, can lead to the development of cataracts:

  • Diabetes
  • Previous eye surgery
  • Over usage of medication
  • Hypertension
  • UV radiation
  • Long Exposed to sunlight
  • Untreated Eye injury
  • Drinking excessive amount of alcohol

Symptoms of Cataract

Cataract symptoms and signs include:

  • Double vision in the affected eye
  • Vision that is clouded, blurred, or dull
  • Poor night vision
  • Colors look faded
  • Lamps, sunshine, and headlights appear to be overly bright.

From one eye to the other, cataracts cannot leap. However, many people who get one end up getting it in the other eye as well.

Causes of Cataract

Types of Cataract Surgery or Treatment of cataract surgery in Thane

Types of cataract surgery. Cataract eye Surgery in Thane specialist Dr. Ruchika Arora can explain the differences and assist you in determining which is best for you:

1. Phacoemulsification
2. Extracapsular surgery
3.Femtosecond laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS)

How can I know whether I need cataract surgery?

Your optometrist can provide a new prescription for glasses or contact lenses if you notice any symptoms of cataract development early on. But as time passes, cataracts typically worsen and eventually do not impact your daily life enough to require extensive cataract treatments, such as removing the eye’s lens and replacing it with an artificial one. You and your doctorultimately decide to get cataract surgery in Thane so that you can live your life to the fullest.

Cataracts are not a medical emergency. You can postpone the procedure till it is most convenient for you.

What happens before cataract surgery ?

Before cataract surgery your optometrist or Cataract surgeon in thane: –

  • Will evaluate your eye to determine the appropriate IOL focusing power
  • Will inquire about any prescription drugs you may be taking.
  • May recommend eye drops to treat eye inflammation and prevent infection.
cataract surgery in Thane
after cataract Surgery

What happens during a cataract operation ?

Before the procedure, you might need to fast (i.e., not eat or drink) for several hours. Additionally, you could be asked to temporarily stop taking some medications by your eye specialist doctor .

Since cataract surgery is an outpatient operation, you can leave the hospital right away. You will require someone to accompany so you can return home.

Here is what to expect throughout the procedure:

  • Numbing medication
  • Cataract Removal
  • Recovery

How long cataract operation last?

It merely takes a few minutes to remove the cataract itself. It usually only takes 20 to 30 minutes to complete the process.

What happens after Cataract Surgery?

Most patients leave the hospital for home within 30 minutes of surgery. The eye shield may need to be worn while you sleep, but you can usually take it off the next day. After surgery, you will require using specialized eye drops for roughly four weeks.

Your vision may not become clear for many days to several weeks. Other temporary negative consequences involve:

  • Double or blurred vision
  • Feeling of grit in your eyes
  • Bloodshot or red eyes.
  • Watery Eye
Symptoms of Cataract

How Long Does Recovery Take After Cataract Surgery?

  • You might need to use eye drops for a few days or weeks following surgery. Make careful to use these drops according to your doctor’s instructions.
  • Avoid getting water or soap in your eyes.
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eye. To safeguard your eye, your ophthalmologist could advise you to wear eyeglasses or a shield.
  • When you sleep, you must put on an eye shield for protection.
  • With you, your ophthalmologist will discuss how active you can be right after surgery. When you may safely exercise, drive, or engage in other activities once more, they will let you know.

Dos and Don’ts after cataract Surgery?


  • As indicated, use eye drops.
  • Use your eye pad, eye shield, and glasses.
  • As usual, use the computer, watch TV, and read.
  • When going outside, use sunglasses.
  • Returning to normal your daily schedule and activities.


  • Press or rub the eye.
  • Get soap or water in your eyes.
  • Engage in intense activity.
  • Use eye makeup.
  • Two weeks after surgery, go swimming.
  • Fly before receiving your provider’s approval.

Get your cataract treatment in Thane by seeing the best ophthalmologist, Dr. Ruchika Arora

Dr. Ruchika Kedia , Ophthalmologist in Thane

Ophthalmologist in thane

About Doctor.
MBBS, DOMS (gold medalist), DNB, Fellowship Cataract and Refractive surgery Dr. Ruchika Kedia is a well-known Ophthalmologist in thane, who holds an experience of more than 9 years practicing at Arora Clinic as Ophthalmologist in Thane. She has done her MBBS from DR P.D.M.C Medical College, Amravati, Maharashtra and DOMS and DNB from Institute of Ophthalmology, Pune, Maharashtra.
She has done fellowship in cataract and refractive surgery from Maharashtra.
She has also done Post Graduate Diploma in Medico Legal System and Hospital and Healthcare Management from Pune.


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